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Red Sky Records        

West Country Christmas Roll On Dreamer (1978)
Avada AVA 102
Reissued on cassette Red Sky RSKC102

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"A contemporary folk masterpiece... first class lyrics, harmonies and instrumentation"
Manchester Evening News

"The album that Decameron should have made and never did...this has kept to absolutely the right arrangements and no more"
Folk Roots

Johnny's first solo album after the break-up of his former band Decameron. First issued on LP in 1978, re-issued on cassette in 1992. Songs include "Angelus", "Liberty", the original version of "The Roads Go Down (to Gloucester Town)", Van Morrison's "Warm Love" and Bill Boazman's "The Worm Forgives The Plough".

The musicians featured are Phil Beer (violin), Geoff March (cello) and Nigel Mazlyn Jones (guitar). Produced by John Acock and Johnny Coppin.

1. Liberty*
2. Never Lost For Love*
3. Angelus*
4. If That's The Way You Feel
5. Roll On Dreamer
6. The Worm Forgives The Plough*
7. Archangel
8. The Roads Go Down+
9. Midwinter
10. Warm Love
Tracks marked * are on 2001 compilation CD 'A Journey'
+ 'The Roads Go Down' is on The Gloucestershire Collection.

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