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Red Sky Records        

West Country Christmas Say Hello To The Band
and the Best of What's Left
CD reissue: DEC 730704
their 1st album on CD for the very first time

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“In a class of their own”
“The thinking man's Lindisfarne” New Musical Express

SAY HELLO TO THE BAND and the Best of What's Left - their 1st album on CD for the very first time! songs like the popular title track, Crows, and Innocent Sylvester Prime - produced by Sandy Roberton - plus 9 tracks never before released!

Decameron was the contemporary folk group formed by Johnny Coppin and Dave Bell back in 1969, who then, with the addition of Al Fenn and Geoff March, went professional in August 1971. The band were originally managed by Jasper Carrott and John Starkey, and their first album was "Say Hello To The Band" in 1973 on Vertigo Records. Bass player Dik Cadbury then joined the band and they went on to record 3 more albums, and tour the UK and Europe extensively before breaking up in 1976.

1. Say Hello to the Band (3.49)
2. Byard's Leap (7.27)
3. Judith (3.24);
4. Innocent Sylvester Prime (4.26)
5. Crows (5.00)
6. The Moon's In A (4.39)
7. Stoats Grope (2.30)
8. Ride A Lame Pony (5.22)
9. Shine Away (2.36)
with 9 extra tracks never before released:
10. Friday Night at the Regal
11. Half Asleep and Far from Welwyn
12. Call it Sleep
13. Prelude
14. England
15. Parade (original version featuring band's fathers on vocals)
16. The Englishman
17. Faraway Anne,
18. Rock and Roll Away (the single version)

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